Hengrun Automobile's first mass production model

SUV star product. Hengrun Little Teddy (HRS1)
- Officially listed -
Market guide price: 68,800-89,800 RMB
Pure electric off-road SUV
It adopts three-door four-seat design, inheriting the tough and smooth appearance of SUV models, fashionable personality, rich configuration, and the top speed is 102KM
More than 300 km
Large space

Green low carbon
Comprehensive range of
Hd touch
Ride comfort
Maintain a safe
High chassis large space
Double five-piece fancy aluminum alloy wheels, 195mm off-road large tires, off-road chassis
Off-road chassis
Strong Trafficability
The rear seats can be reclined
Minimum ground clearance ≥ 185mm
Maximum climbing gradient: 20%
Storage space up to 1600L
Go to the fuel age · power Awakening
Dual mode energy feedback, higher efficiency and longer endurance
Front McPherson independent suspension, rear three link hard axle coil spring semi independent suspension, more comfortable
The cost of one kilometer is only 5 cents, economic and environmental protection
336v high-voltage and 220V household electricity can be charged, and 20% - 80% fast charging only takes 40min
Extravagant space
The interior is equipped with a 10 inch color LCD screen, satellite navigation, Bluetooth phone, WiFi reception, and reversing image,
Power windows, remote keys, UV resistant glass and other modern technology properties.
Trendy Entertainment
Yacht shift lever design, 10 inch color Android LCD large screen multimedia
Dual speaker full frequency speaker, high sensitive radio, electric heating and cooling air conditioner,
USB + mobile phone charging
Cool off-road
The maximum speed is 102km / h, and you can easily get on the high speed
Seamless connection with State Grid charging station to solve long-distance charging problems
It has a three-year or 60000 km vehicle warranty, and the core power battery enjoys an eight-year or 120000 km ultra long warranty
High end intelligence
Safety cage structure, all metal bearing body, side guard steel beam, energy feed steering column, EPS electric power steering
Equipped with ABS and EBD, tire pressure monitoring device, electronic vacuum assisted dual circuit brake system
Color full HD reversing image, the condition behind the car is clear at a glance
The whole car anti UV glass protects the skin health of the whole family